Digital Scrapbooking Rambling On

Working on More PS Actions..

You might have noticed the slow trickle of my scrapping freebies lately.  Not that I’m done with my graphic design hobby but more like my attention has been elsewhere in the past few months. I’ve been absolutely nutso about Android homescreen customization, and I’ve been playing with PS and AI and loading it on my mobile as custom screens.

Also, I’ve also been rather busy trying out and learning more about making PS Actions and photo edits. It sure takes a lot of learning as I’m more used to manipulating PS layers for digi scrapping use. So I’ve been learning more and more and loving it. Here’s a preview of my next PS action freebie pack.

PS actions Pack 2

That said, I have lots of PS action freebies in the oven. Hopefully, I could get around to bundling them soon enough and giving out the download links. Watch out for it.

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