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Work at Home Mom Dilemma

Most of the time I don’t like complaint-ridden, moaning type of mommy blog posts. I know I’m a mom, and believe me I know first had that we have a lot of anxieties, lots of reason to complain about but just the sheer number of bemoaning mommy blog posts made me steer clear of constantly complaining on this blog.

So most days, yeah, I’d much rather talk about recording brass instruments or my shopping list than hammering on about my lack of sleep or sheer exhaustion.

Today though, I’m going to make an exception. A deviation from the usual positive note posts. Please allow me to vent and just list out things that frustrate me as a work at home mom. You see, my work at home projects are almost all on a complete halt because I take care of our baby 24/7. And it presented so many challenges.

  • I Don’t Have the Time. Busting the myth that when ¬†you work from home you will have plenty of time. Seriously, whoever said this need to reexamine. While you are at home, everyone just assumes that you are available to take care of their needs. So believe me its extra exhausting and requires superhero time management skills.
  • Do This Do That. Since most everyone I know assumes I have all the time in the world, they tend to delegate errands and ask favors continually. I know this is my fault for not setting boundaries etc. I must put a stop to this and make people understand that I have to take care of our house as well as work. If people who work outside allocate 10-12 hrs including breaks for work, then at least I should allocate at least 80% of my time for work as well, otherwise work would suffer.
  • Need Help. A must if one must get work done. I’m still trying to get this for myself because right now everything is ON me. Now my husband agrees I need some kind of help around the house. He works long hours and travels often, and also helps when he’s home but that is just never enough. Housework is just overwhelming I could barely manage, let alone do my work. So yeah, were looking for a part-time helper/cleaner or a nanny to free sometime so I could get work done

Moms out there who are considering being a WAHM, make sure you really allocate time for work and people around you understands this, otherwise you’d have a hard time making it work. I know I’m barely making it work right now, and I’m hoping I could get back on track soon.

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