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Woot! I Won Some Shopping WON!

You know I’m really a happy Gmarket shopper. Why? I love the goodies in Gmarket. I get lots and lots of unique stuff. Gmarket product inventory is just massive. What makes it extra happy shopping place is that, you get lots of deals, coupons, shopping rewards.

It’s my current shopping paradise. And now it made itself all the more endearing to me. I have previously blogged about my purchases and I also started a Gmarket Tutorial series. And they do reward bloggers with shopping money. If your blog entry wins, you can get as much as 50,000Won shopping money.

And that’s what I got recently. An email that I was one of those who won TopBlogger of the Month!

Gmarket Top Blogger of the Month

So I have some shopping money sitting in my G-account and I’ll just keep it there till I can accumulate some more. When it comes to GMarket shopping, I would really recommend buying a lot to make the most of the shipping cost.

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