What’s Crocheting?

I like the title. Inspired by ‘What’s cooking?’ expression. Hahaha. So what is crocheting this time? I’m actually going crazy coz I’ve been trying to crochet a laptop sleeve. When I went on vacation last year {July} I got myself some mercerized cotton yarn in purple (2 shades) and also in green and orange.

I wanted to make a laptop sleeve from the purple yarn. I wanted it ‘striped’ with monocrome effect. One dark and lighter colors interchanging. But gah! until now I’ve only managed to crochet about an 2 inches x 15 inches of it. I’m just using single crochet all around and plan to add a lining under, then a button as closure. I really have to give this more time otherwise it will drive me nuts. See the photo below? the small lump of purple at the background is what I’ve done so far. Hahaha even that small lump seems to be hiding! Embarrassed probably by my procrastinating habit.

my crocheting yarns

Anyway, at least on the orange and green combo I made a little progress. This is a headband for my daughter. Green band with an orange floral embellishment. Lovely contrast right?

I ‘m going to work more on this and of course would be featuring my finished products =)


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