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Hiatus! =) I was supposed to post this two weeks ago! My last post here was on June 28 and though I did have plans to still go on blogging while I’m enjoying my Pinas vacation, well the plan sort of flew out of the windows when I realized the internet connection here in my hometown will be sporadic at best. I could get fast internet connection if I go to cities say Legazpi City or Tabaco City which are a few minutes ride away but I don’t want to bother, after all I’m supposed to be lazing around..
Well, I won’t fret about it anymore since I’m enjoying myself too much. My last visit here was almost two years ago and I’m so pleased to see a lot of new places to explore and most of them very near my parents house. Just two days ago we visited a really huge and nice spring resort located very near our house! It’s now easy to just take a morning walk or a short tricycle ride and have a swim on their fabulous pools. The only downside is that since its springwater, its really really cold and all the more so because the place is located on a hill!
I’ve also been meeting up with friends here and there and I guess I’m lucky, a lot of towns here are celebrating fiestas so I get to eat for free hhaha! 
I guess this will be my only post here for July and I’ll be back to blogging like mad on August.. Till later..

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