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Welcome to Just My RagBag

Ragbag (n.) – a collection of miscellaneous things.

So this is it! My collection of random stuff, random blog posts, blog memes, stories, photos, whatever really hits me..

My name is Lui. I’m a mom, a consummate shopper, kitchen amateur, digital gadget junkie, coffee lover, and addicted to blogging! I started blogging 2007 with my first blog – Pinaywife Atbp. It started out as something really experimental, containing mostly random things about my life, blog memes, tags then it eventually evolved into a home styling, home decor blog.

So there was no more room left for random things I find online, blog memes and tags that I really enjoy doing. Then I decided its high time I create a blog simply dedicated to random, miscellaneous things, so Just My RagBag was born..

I do hope you enjoy reading through this blog and do come back for regular updates..

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  1. Congrats! Kaya pala, nabasa ko sa FB status mo the other e… ito pala yun. I like this one, and I actually have the same idea, and will probably have it "online" by weekend. I will surely have this linked in my other blogs =)

  2. thanks Z. this is like my 'dump site' wala na kase akong mapaglagyan ng mga anik anik na post ko.. hihibuzz me when its online link ko rin =)

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