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Things has been pretty hectic these past week. I upped my posting frequencies for my sites since I have a target I want to meet. Still got tons to do but this is the weekend, that will all have to wait till tomorrow..

Things are well and fine with my daughter Chinks. She’s doing fine in school, in fact I find her to be very independent. I dropped by the school the other day and had a short talk with her school admin and she said Chinks is a very well adjusted kid. Very independent and also very very talkative. Huh!? Talkative? Does she get that from me? Maybe from her dad lol!

She came home the other day with her report card for last year. Grades were good, {I’m actually impressed hehe} and she also had some certificates of merit. Best in Science, Best in Math and Most Friendly. Haha, she was so ecstatic and proud when she showed them to me and asked me to show it to her dad the next time we talk in Skype.

Hubby and I have settled into a ‘talking-through-Skype’ routine every two days. He’ll be in US till December 21 and right now he’s in Washington and will be visiting New York later this week. Then next Saturday, he’ll be back to Indiana. I wish time would fly and he’ll be here with us.

But while he is there, hehe I’m taking advantage of the chance to go crazy with online shopping. Last week I shopped for some apparel in Target, then Overstock and now I’ve been watching out some items in GAP and Banana Republic. Definitely a huge savings if I don’t need to pay for overseas shipping charges since I just sent my purchases to his home address there. I’m waiting also for some Cyber Monday deals and the Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving coz I wanna buy a Nintendo Wii or an Xbox 360 and maybe if the price is right a mean laptop for blogging.

I’ve been on a relaxed mode since yesterday, just posting on my personal blogs and generally just bumming around. Chinks is also having a blast playing with our neighbors and cousins but tomorrow its back to the daily grind for us..

So, tonight I’ll be enjoying the last remaining hours of a laid back weekend..

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