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We Just Wanna Dance and Sing!

Ha! The post title is actually my husband and daughter’s battle cry last week. For some reason the two of them has been singing karaoke almost every night.


this photo made me lol! when the duo at home sings they make it a point to have their fingers that way..diva style. hahaha.

Mind you, my husband is perhaps the most tone deaf and out of tune person I know but he never gets that in the way of him singing his heart out. And that affliction is contagious and now has landed on our daughter too, but thankfully she’s a little more in tune than her dad. So I just cringe and bear it. Lol! It’s actually funny specially when they both start dancing. And they are doubly funny when they start pretending they are playing the guitar or banging the drums.

I can only say, thank God our room is almost sound proof so we don’t have any complaining neighbors yet.

As for me, I can’t really complain much since it was actually me who got hubby into singing karaoke. Way back when we were living in the Philippines, I dragged him to some karaoke places (those sound proof ones and you get your own room so you can scream your heart out.. like IO KTV) and before long he was into it.

Next thing I know, when we moved here, he bought a real nice speaker with surround sound, microphone.. the works and they do their karaoke concert when the mood hits them. I’m thinking of buying them a Magic Sing mic but that’s like asking for trouble for my ears, noh?

Image: FrameAngel / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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