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Want This: Retro Chic Lamps

Our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up in two months and hubby and I has been talking about it. Of course, I have something really special for him. Something he’s been asking for sometime already, its something he could us daily. I don’t know though if he has anything for me. Lol. But that hardly matters to me.

Anyhow, we both agreed that we’ll also buy something nice for our home. We have agreed to have custom made cabinets for our veranda for him to keep his tools, car accessories and some papers/books not being used. Were also having a couple more built in bookshelves made inside the house. That’s the downside of living with a professor, you also live with a lot of paper. Ha!

But now I also want these in addition.. Lol. They are just so darn pretty! And you know how much I adore retro chic stuff..

Pretty Table Lamps

Come Bright In Lamps in Blue and Green. Available from Modcloth.

Pretty Tbale Lamps

I’m not sure this ships to our place here but if not I want something similar to these.

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