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Want Some Dresses…

I’m a bit depressed. I’m sure the reasons are understandable. So I want to go shopping and treat myself to some good stuff. It has been awhile since I last seriously shopped. And to tell the truth, I want to haul a couple of dresses. Nice ones, at least some that don’t resemble medical scrubs from Marcus uniforms. I’m just in the mood to have dresses and be a little more feminine when it comes to style.

But the thing is, I don’t have the budget for this. Or rather, I have the money but I want to keep it as savings. I’m extremely cautious about spending my money and specially now that my father is hospitalized, it drives home the need for us to save for the rainy days. So, just to indulge my shopping tendencies, I did shop only its was just ‘window shopping’, at least just online..

Here’s what I liked from shops I visited..

Life So Sweet @ Modcloth

Periwinkle of an Eye Dress @ Modcloth

Favorite Ride Dress @ Modcloth

So cute and lovely stuff, right? I think I’m in love with this online store- Modcloth and thankfully they ship internationally. I might just be tempted to buy…



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