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I was cleaning the closet today coz I am running out of space already for my stuff. Which made me realize I have lots and lots of handbags, I collected in over 3 year stay here in Phnom Penh. Horrors! I totally need a separate closet for them. I didn’t really realize how much I have amassed already coz I have the tendency to use one or two regularly with the rest just staying in the closet waiting their time for me to use it till it just conks out .

So okay I’m finally admitting to myself, that yeah, I am indeed a bag hag. I’ve been in denial for too long, reasoning I don’t really buy a lot or I don’t buy expensive ones anyway, or I just buy stuff that catches my fancy..But sure when I see one that I really really want, I rarely waste time going for the cashier and buying it. So I guess that makes me a bag lover/hoarder.

Recently, I’ve been buying bags online, specifically from Gmarket. I bought two bags to tell you the truth. The other one I’m still waiting to arrive. Not too pricey ones though, just bags on $5-$15 range. Love their designs and its not too expensive so its just perfect for daily use. Although I know I just bought some and still have some I haven’t used yet, but right now I’m wanting this one. I guess I won’t be able to resist buying this..

The Amelia Bag – $33+ @ Gmarket Soho – Love love the very casual look and the color. Hmm, maybe I’ll buy this with my extra blogging money. Next time. Hahaha.

And oh, the styling for the lady modeling the bag is just love.

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