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Waiting for Another Gmarket Spree

Okay, I’m now openly calling this an addiction, a Gmarket addiction that is.

See, I just bought some stuff two weeks ago, even if most of them were for my sis..but still! You know browsing Gmarket is like being in a lab furnace, you really can’t escape being burned. But burned in a good way.

So right now, I’m pretty much twiddling my thumbs waiting for my package to arrive. I have been checking the domestic tracking like mad. Hahaha. All of my orders are in GM warehouse already, save for one item. I hope it gets through today, so they can ship it out today or tomorrow. Which would mean I could have my box on Saturday or Monday. And I would be HAPPY!

A GIft

Hahaha! I’m so obviously nuts, but I can’t help but be excited about this haul. You see, I bought gifts for my daughter, some stuff for my husband, a really cool laptop table I had been wanting for ages, and I also chanced upon a bag sale and I got two bags for 3900Won each only.

So I want my Christmas a bit earlier! Actually I’m excited for the toys for my daughter. She has been wanting this Konapun Bandai toys for awhile already. She’s absolutely nuts about them, even spending a lot of time checking out Youtube videos on how to ‘cook’ using the Konapun miniature cooking sets. That’s the main reason I’m so eager for this haul: the look on her face when she sees her much coveted Konapun toys…

Hmmm. I think I should exercise a bit more patience. But its hard. That’s how exciting GM shopping is. It’s like being 9 years old and its Christmas day..

Watch out for my shopping haul post soon..

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