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Video: Thrift-Store Shopping Tips and Mini Thrift-Haul

Been surfing Youtube again and found another thrifting channel – Lovely Trends. She has lots of thrifting vids, thrifted outfits combos and more..Do check out her channel.

Here’s one of her coolest videos with thrift store shopping tips and a featured thrifting haul.


I love these thrifting videos, one gets a lot of thrifting tips and gems from them, so I’ll be on the hunt for more ‘subscribe-worthy’ thrifting and vintage channels.

On a different note, I haven’t gone thrifting for weeks already except for a bit of pasalubong shopping. And I’m still not done with it, my sister is going home to the Philippines for a short vacation and I want to send stuff to my family. {Hehe, I’m just as cheapskate when it comes to shipping, so this is a great time to save}. I also need to shop for rechargeable batteries for our Wii remote, micrometers, and I have to lookout for some blog giveaway ideas for my other blogs. So, its shopping to the max this weekend and I’m gonna need my bargaining and haggling skills badly, coz I don’t have much of a budget hahaha!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. @Lovely Trends, you’re more than welcome. I love your channel and will be watching out for new vids from you. :)) Happy thrifting!

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