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Video Find: How to Thrift & Vintage Shop

I miss thrift shopping. A lot. I haven’t really done any serious thrift shopping for awhile now because I’m busy and I feel like I still have tons of stuff. I don’t want to shop when I don’t need to coz that ain’t being thrifty anymore. But that’s not to say I don’t like or I would never thrift shop again. I’m just taking a break.

Right now I really really miss the crazy feeling of sifting through piles of stuff and finding gems. The thrill of finding a great item of clothing or handbags, or even kitchen stuff is just incomparable. I’m sure thrift hunters would agree with me. Perhaps, I need to schedule a one-time thrift shopping expedition soon, who knows I might stumble upon a speaker stand, or maybe a nice set of tea set (which I really really been wanting to buy) or some awesome boho chic skirt.

To curb my thrift shopping mania right now I just decided to do a virtual thrift shopping spree via videos! I scoured Youtube again from some awesome thrift and vintage shopping vintage. I stumbled across a channel – FashionSteeleNYC, of blogger Monroe Steele.

Here’s two of her thrift and vintage shopping videos, brimming full of tips and ideas for thrift and vintage hunters. She also explains the difference between thrift shopping vs. vintage shopping, plus some shop recommendations for those in NYC.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Also check out her blog: FashionSteeleNYC

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