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Vegetable Gardening in Small Space

Do you love to garden?

Well, I do. Its something inbred in me, having been brought up in a house with a huge garden, with parents who are gardening enthusiasts. Our play when we were kids involved a lot of digging and we also had our own ‘plots’ for our flowers and vegetables.

When I got married and we moved to Phnom Penh, our house is in the city,  just didn’t offer much space for my gardening. So this hobby took a backseat.

BUT I discovered to my delight, that yes, its still possible to garden even with just a teeny weeny bit of space. So my husband and I had been planting veggies in pots and small backyard. It’s just awesome when I have herbs and spices in pots and I just need to pick some when I’m cooking.

I found this online class on Craftsy about Vegetable Gardening in Small Space and I’m about to enroll in it.

how to garden in small space

Get space-saving strategies for turning your small backyard, balcony or windowsill into a flourishing vegetable garden!

Maximize the impact of your small garden with guidance from garden writer and renowned guest speaker Jodi Torpey! Get started by learning where to plant your garden using a sun survey for optimal results. Then, from smart pots to self-watering containers, discover best practices for popular container gardening. Next, explore the ultimate space-saving option — vertical gardens — and build a simple tepee trellis while exploring the endless possibilities that hanging planters provide! Next, whether your space is in full sun or constant shade, learn which plants work best in each environment and find out how to properly care for them. Plus, create free fertilizer from kitchen scraps, get tricks for attracting pollinators and preventing pests, and even learn how to successfully grow herbs indoors!

For those who want to garden and have limited space, check out the class above.

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