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Uplifting Happy Music Compilations

Have you ever wondered why some cafes crank up really upbeat music while some cafes go for jazzy tunes? Why some posh hotel lounge play ambient, jazz or blues music? It’s because music really sets the mood. It helps convey the particular vibe a place is going for.

I for one love cafes with soft jazzy music on afternoons while I prefer cafes with upbeat and happy music during mornings. Speaking of mornings, I’m cranky and harried most of the time. So I tend to be in need of a ‘pick me up’ music.

So here’s what I do at home. I have my little bluetooth speaker/music player and hook it up Youtube and play upbeat music. There are loads of channels with really nice happy music compilations. Here’s a few channels plus few of their compilations that I would really recommend.



Live Better Media


Cafe Music BGM


Fun Spear Music




Best Music Compilation

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