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Under The Weather..

That’s me, right now. I mentioned in my Post-it-Tuesday post that my daughter has been sick. It started Tuesday morning, she had a slight fever. Nothing higher than 38.5 degrees Celcius. I gave her paracetamol and informed the school she’ll be absent. Afternoon she was fine already till late evening then the fever was back.

Wednesday whole morning and afternoon she was fine again. And it was intriguing coz she doesn’t feel anything else aside from the fever. I had to almost restrain her to stop jumping around and take a rest. Wednesday evening she had a slight fever again.

Thursday and Friday she was fine again. I checked with her regular doctor and found out its most likely a virus. Nothing serious, but it does take awhile to go away like 5-10 days. And he also warned that this is highly contagious and prone to spread specially now that were on the onset of cold season.

Now she doesn’t have fever anymore but has cold and a bit of cough. Oh! And she keeps complaining its soo cold! Admittedly, Phnom Penh is really chilly this time.

But having been around her for days, now I feel a little weird. I’ve got a massive headache and my body is just aching all over. I think its my turn.. Ugh! This is hard, specially since I don’t have a helper in the house and hubby is on travel.

I should not get sick.. I should not get sick.. That’s a mantra I keep mumbling to myself the whole day. Gotta get some snooze time..Ciao!

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