Rambling On

Unconcious Mutterings: Week 370

Ok. My first Unconscious Mutterings post.

  1. Harm :: Hurting. Sometime unintentional but does it matter? It still hurts.
  2. If ::I had loads on money and time, I’d fly home to the Philippines every week.
  3. On my own ::I tend to accomplish more than when someone is breathing down my neck.
  4. She said ::I didn’t listen.
  5. Illegal :: Taboo but still it exists just beneath the surface.
  6. Broke ::Yes. Usually after I take care of my retail therapy needs.
  7. It’s a :: boy! Just my fervent wish – a baby boy..
  8. Chatting ::everyday. Facebook. family.
  9. Cottege ::childhood memories
  10. Podcast ::I remain uninterested.

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