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Uh Oh. Don’t Show Me The Weighing Scale

We went on a holiday in two places in just a span of two weeks. Vacations usually involve some serious eating and minimal exercise and I’m kinda scared to go and step on the weighing scale.  Yes, the thought that the serious effort I made the past two months have gone to naught is driving me nuts.

But what to do. It’s here already. I just resolved not to take any more vacations, at least vacations where I will pig out and where I have no chance of exercise. I would probably go to the beach for my next break just so I could go and swim off the fats.

I’m all back now to exercise routine and I refuse to be disheartened. Tomorrow I’ll be jogging and doing some light weights. I kinda like doing core presses with weights in the hope it’ll flatten the tummy.

Good luck to me. Hahaha.

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