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Scrapping Freebie: Splatter Pattern Alpha Stickers

It’s not even a Tuesday but here I am releasing a freebie. Lol. As usual I’m late. I actually got sidetracked¬† so I forgot to post this as promised. This is a set of patterned Alphabet (A-Z) with a sticker look. I used a splatter pattern from Faria of IdealHut. The stickies has a 300 dpi resolution for large printing. I know some love to stick letters etc to their scrap pages and cards so this would be great.

This freebie is CU. You can do just anything with it as long as you don’t claim it as your own or redistribute it. You can share it with friends, but please direct them to download from my blog. :)) That’s all I ask.

Splatter Patterned Alpha Stickers Freebie

~ Download ~

Also, a friend asked me I give these stuff for free. One reason is that I enjoy it. Lol. And besides I always tinker a lot on my graphic design software because I want to learn more techniques and making this things hones whatever little designing skills I have. So, its not like I’m getting nada out of this. In fact, I get a whole lot of learning from making these and hopefully some of you would also enjoy using the freebies.

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