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Scrapping Freebie: 6 Vintage-Grunge Frames

From two really girly and pink freebie for the past two weeks, I’ve decided to go a little grungy. This is more like me anyway. I love vintage, old looking stuff. The more grungy it looks the more it appeals to me. Made a few frames in grunge and vintage themes and hopefully some one would be able to use it. 😀

6 Vintage-Grunge Frames in various shapes. Enjoy!

~  Download ~

These are okay for any use whether Personal or Commercial. Please read my TOU included in the freebie zip file.


I can’t help but give myself a pat in the back! I actually managed to post the Tuesday Freebie on a Tuesday.. Hooray for me. Lolz.

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  1. Okay, I’ll give you a real pat in the back the next time we meet. For this I’m giving you a virtual pat *pats your back*. I love the texture of the round brown frame 🙂 Is that from crush Caleb? hihihihi
    Will find something to use these frames on.

  2. @Sreisaat, i think so. at least the cardboard background. it has about 8 overlays iba ibang textures and brushes

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