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Freebie: 2 Quote Wallpapers

Hurray to me! I have finally gotten around to resuming blog posting here. Heh. At least now I’m not too preoccupied with life, and doing a whole lot of other stuff. Sigh. I really had to push myself to get back to work and resume my web maintenance activities as well as blog writing. It was actually looking at my Google Adsense earnings that pushed me. Hahaha. It’s pitiful, compared to the previous months that I was religiously updating my sites.

Anyway, here’s two wallpapers I made from two quotes I really like. I have also been experimenting with brushes and came up with these. These are free for everyone to use. Hope you guys like it. Size is 1280×1024.

Here’s one about motherhood:

Mother Quote - Free Wallpaper

And another one about life:

Life Quote - Free Wallpaper

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