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Scrapping Freebie: 10 Pattern Embossed Frames

Better late than never! I don’t have any excuse for this late posting except that I was having lots of fun tweaking around this freebie. The most important reason why I like posting freebies here is that I am forced to learn more and more about graphic design. I read a lot of tutorials and apply what I learned. Most of my experiments are then posted here. They are freebies coz I’m hoping somebody else could make use of them instead of them just rotting away on my hard drive.

I always feel giddy whenever I learn something new. This time I had been trying to learn how make embossed effects on pattern. There’s just a whole new world opening up whenever one takes the chance to tweak hues, saturation, curves etc or whatever image attributes you can tweak on Photoshop. I found a super awesome tutorial by PSHero on how to do embossed textures and using it for frames and I followed some of his tweaks then I also added some tweaks since what I wanted were just frames that can be used by anybody, and voila! I have these gorgeous patterned and embossed frames!

10 Colors: Black, White, Black-Red, Green, Gold, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red and Royal Blue.

10 Free Pattern Embossed Frames

~ Download ~

Of course, this is free for everyone Personal or Commercial Use. As long as you don’t claim this as your own work.

Here’s a little preview. I loved this so I got giddy and made a preview for each frame..

Red-Black Patterned & Embossed Frame

Gold-Brown Patterned Embossed Frame

Green Patterned Embossed Frame

Royal Blue Pattern Embossed Frame

Purple Pattern Embossed Frame

Red Pattern Embossed Frame

Black Pattern Embossed Frame

White Pattern Embossed Frame

Peach Pattern Embossed Frame

Credits: Pattern I used are from Peter Plastic’s Baroque Collection. He has a pretty awesome pattern collection so check out his DevianArt page.

Images for the previews: FreeDigitalPhotosKongsky, vichie81, David Castillo Dominici, Witthaya Phonsawat, Tom Clare.

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