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A little graphic design, that is. I’m not about to go on this avenue on a commercial scale. I’ve actually been doing this on and off for sometime already. Most of the stuff I make are freebies I feature in my blogs or sometimes when some friends need some design work for their business cards, catalog printing, reports etc, and I’ve got some free time, then I help out.

I’m not exactly a master at this. It’s simply something I enjoy tinkering with and surprisingly people are willing to pay for the services hehe. My sister who has a freelance graphic design company suggests I do work for them. Or I should come up with my graphic design packages and sell them. Hmm, I don’t know if I have the patience for meeting tight deadlines. In any case, I should insert this and promote her graphic design firm – Please visit the link if you have design services needs.

Here’s one of my recent projects. It’s actually for a friend who owns a spa and she was in need of a tri-fold brochure (back to back) featuring her services, a business card, a gift certificate and letterheads. It was fortunate thing that I personally know her and am a regular visitor to her spa so I know the look and feel of the place and the image she wanted to project.

Settle on earth colors, pale beige and dark chocolate brown, with only the green for the logo standing out. With a single swirl vector as accent and a grungy-earthy background. What do you think?

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