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Totally Cuddly and Kawaii

I actually miss browsing the net for some unique and cute finds. I didn’t have the time for that but this afternoon, I was really not much in the mood to work so I ended up playing Burger Rush {my daughter’s latest PC game obsession} then when I got to a level where I could not win, I ended up just browsing the net reading about sensa, browsing the William and Kate’s wedding photos, checking out online shops..

And came across these utterly adorable and kawaii plushies from ShopKawaii. I want this three for me err my daughter…

San-X Rilakkuma Squirrels 6″ Plush with Removable Costume: Birdie – check it out here

San-X Berry Puppy 8″ Plush: Berry Puppy – check it out here.

San-X Kutusita Nyanko 6″ Plush: Black Kitty in Bunny Costume Holding a Bunny – check it out here.

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