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Toddler Backpack/Leash

I know the word ‘toddler leash’ can sound a bit horrifying but hear me out.

I have an extremely active toddler on my hands and we live in Phnom Penh where all sorts of vehicle and yes! gazillions of motorbikes just drive around in all directions. So his safety when were out for a walk is one that is giving me nightmares. Of course, I watch him and hold him closely but at the back of my mind there is always this paranoid thought that what if he struggles and run fast and gets hit by a careening motorbike?

Same thing when walking in malls, he walks/runs so fast I fear he will get lost or get himself tangled in an escalator.

Then in the airport we saw a dad with a cute little daughter wearing a backpack with a leash and I suddenly thought I want that!!!! One of my friends said she doesn’t like the idea coz baby is not like a dog, but hell she obviously does not have a toddler, so for me, my baby’s safety is top priority. So yeah, give me dirty looks as long as my baby is safe and not lost.

So commence my search for this cute backpack leash. Can’t find it in local shops so I headed over to one of my favorites and found this — 3D Cartoon Dinosaur Backpack Leash. Cost is $ 12.26.

Toddler Backpack leash

So cute noh? Aliexpress has become my total favorite shopping playground. Just about everything is there, lol I even bought a personalized promise ring for my husband there. Sometime soon, I’ll post about tips, do’s and dont’s when buying from Ali.

I ordered the backpack last week and I’m waiting. Hopefully it gets here sometime next week.

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