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To Be or Not To Be: a W-A-H-M

I had a long chat over Facebook with one of my best friends. She’s on the crossroads right now trying to decide if she should resign from her current work. We used to work together in the same company so I know that benefits and salary wise, working there can be considered a good catch compared to other companies in the Philippines.

But that sure works well if you are single and with no demands of a family and kids. Things have changed since she got married and has a growing pre-schooler. She told me the job is so stressful that the pay is not enough to compensate for the stress work gives her. She’s mulling over several options to take on a sales job which she really has flair for, but is still so demanding time-wise, or to head to another desk job, which may not compensate well or to be a work-at-home-mom, which is a totally new realm for her.


I have plenty to say on this subject as I went through exactly the same dilemmas. Sure, there is a certain glamor when you say you’re an office girl, but I went past that and asked myself if I’d be able to earn and employ myself. One big consideration for me was: financial. The pay wasn’t really something to write home about, and of course, you have transpo, clothing, and miscellaneous expenses daily and your net pay is just teeny weeny bit of what you’re supposed to make. That’s when I asked myself, is it really worth all that stress and going to and fro?

It takes a huge leap of faith to decide to leave a cushy, comfortable albeit stressful work. But I did take the plunge and have never regretted it. Also, if you’re thinking about being a wahm, better be prepared too to face criticisms. There are lots of people ignorant and not understanding of what a wahm is. There has been countless times, I had been chided, sometimes looked down upon, but I’ve learned to take things in stride. Hahaha! When I’m in a really bad mood, I just retort, well, I might not be wearing a fancy business suit, but I darn well earn even a lot more than a bank manager in the Phil.!! So butt off! Lol! That often shocks them and they stop.

A W-A-H-M must also have some focus and discipline. If you have your own business or if in my case I work online, I really seriously consider this a business and I am committed to it. It’s a responsibility but with the perk of being able to work around your schedule to accommodate your family’s needs.

This choice is not for everybody, but whether one decides to be a wahm or not, well still one has to do their best. As with everything else, its not easy. It has its disadvantages yet it also has a lot of perks.  All you need is to weigh in which really matters to you most.

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  1. I’m currently a stay-at-home Mom and this is something I wanted but now that the girls are growing up, the prospect of working is so tempting. Hopefully in a year!

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