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Tips for Raising a Healthy, Less Sickly Child

I was surfing Yahoo when I saw this article about 6 habits for kids who rarely get sick. Of, course that got me interested as I have a kid too. And I’m sure parents out there would be equally interested on this.

Truth is, as parents that’s one of our top wishes. That our kids remain healthy and be far from sickness and illnesses. I’m just summing up what the article advocates so we could have healthy kids.

  • Keep hands clean -this is one habit I’m actually crazy about nurturing on my child. I also remind her to always bring along her hand sanitizer specially when she’ll be in place where she can’t wash her hands.
  • Be active everyday. This is sometimes hard now to instill on kids. What? With the advent of gaming consoles, tablets, computers, kids now tend to have a very sedentary lifestyle. So we do have to strive on this. I’m actually battling this myself when it comes to my daughter, thankfully, in her school they do encourage daily exercise routines as well as physical games.
  • Get plenty of Zzzz. Lots of things to pre-occupy kids now, but for me, its a must. Off to bed before 9 pm. They do need their rest.
  • Never touch your face. Umm, this is quite hard specially for kids, but if they have the habit of keeping their hands clean, then this might help. Also, it is a must to teach kids not to share personal things like toothbrush, straws etc..
  • Consume a healthy and balanced diet. This goes without saying.
  • Get vaccinated.

I think those tips are also applicable to adults. One thing for sure, keeping ourselves away from bad habits like alcohol and smoking would do wonders. Another motivation to be healthy would be the increasingly expensive medical care nowadays.

So it wouldn’t really hurt to try to live a healthier lifestyle and follow the tips mentioned in the article.

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