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Time To Lose Baby Weight

I promised myself I won’t talk about losing weight for a week. You know, I wanna give myself a break from the pressures of trying to lose weight but while I was browsing Yahoo Shine, I was drawn to the featured article, 10 Signs It’s Time to Lose the Baby Weight by Ellen S of Mom Logic.
 Except for the permed hair, I think I kinda resemble this..
The list is funny but yeah I must admit it strikes a nerve.. hehe..I’m re-posting the list and of course, I couldn’t resist adding up my own commentaries..
1) You complain to friends, “Wow, I’ve got to lose weight,” and they just kind of stare at you. Whoa! Yep this is so true. I often wonder when a friend would just tell me straight up, ‘duh? we’ve been waiting for you to do that since XX years ago!”
2) Your “baby” is now 5 years old.  Whaaaa! She’s 7 now and that makes it worse..
3) The clothes in the A Pea in the Pod window look appealingly comfy. Ssshh, I love those maxi dresses..
4) People have asked when you’re due.  Thank God, no one had the nerve to ask me this. I guess they are scared or something..
5) You’re still eating for two. On some days, three. I actually eat enough for four..lol!
6) Bending down to shave your legs takes effort. At least I could still bend well enough to reach my legs.. Call it flexibility.
7) Your child asks if you have a baby/puppy/rabbit in your belly. OMG! Chinks just asked me why my tum-tum is huge.. And kids don’t lie.
8) Your pants have elastic waistbands … and you don’t mind. Err, this was supposed to be my secret..
9) You can use your stomach as a rest for your laptop. At least not yet. Maybe I should try..
10) You have considered getting pregnant again because at least then you’d have an excuse.  Now this is a good plan..

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