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Thrifting Videos: ClothesEncounters Thrifting Tips

I love this YouTube channel ClothesEncounters. They have practical thrifting tips and fabulous videos to go with it. Do subscribe to the specially if you are into fashion, thrifting and vintage.

Here’s they are sharing some useful tips on clothes thrifting.



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  1. It’s a good video and good tips on how to thrift shop. From where I go rummage shopping, they don’t have any fitting rooms so I just go ahead and put it on over my clothes and see what looks good and feels good. 🙂 I can’t wait for another rummage sale shopping. More goodies! Hope to be able to join the meme next Thursday.

  2. Great advice. My wife used to come home wife tons of clothes that she ended up not liking. She would see them and think they were so cute. Then when she put them on they just didn’t quite fit her right. Since she began trying everything on first she has come home and been so much happier with her results.

  3. Interesting video, so informative and cool! I need this kind of tips, especially I’m kinda impulsive buyer. I’m gonna use those tips that you gave. Two thumbs up girls!

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