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Thrift Shopping: Dark Grunge Shirt

It’s been awhile since I went thrift shopping for clothes. I wish I could say I was simply saving up for a designer handbag but that’s hardly the case. I was on a self-imposed clothes shopping diet. Lol.

I’ve too much clothes and I spent last week cleaning out my closet, segregating things I don’t use anymore and packing it up to give to some charity. So now at least the closet has some breathing space. And I could give myself a little leeway when it came to my shopping ban.

My sister has been bugging me to go thrift hunting coz she wanted some skirts. The Japanese thrift shop we usually go to has some seriously awesome skirts and lucky for her, she’s teeny tiny like those very slim Japanese ladies so she can fit in them. I’m jealous, yeah. So last week we went there and while she has been browsing and fitting, I also checked out some stuff.

I bought mostly things for my daughter. Comfy shirts for home use. As for myself, I just found one. A sleeveless grunge themed shirt. Love this to bits. And its just $0.50. I think its just perfect with a low rise jeans or a denim shorts.

Grunge Sleeveless Shirt Thrifting Find

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