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The Thrifter is Back!

I’m back! After more than 6 weeks of being in oblivion I’m finally back here in Phnom Penh. At least now I could start taking care of my blogging duties. Although I wish I could say I went on a leisurely vacation, I did not. For the past weeks I’ve been with my parents and helping my mom take care of my terminally ill father. So the past few weeks have been really hard and painful for me. All the more so when two weeks ago, my dad passed away.

Up till this time, I’m having a really hard time accepting and dealing with the pain. So I guess I have to channel and focus my energies on work. I figured it would also be great if I could get back to one of my passions – thrifting!

To everyone who has been joining the meme, I’d like to apologize I had to take a break from hosting it. I had very limited net access when I went home and also I simply didn’t have time. But I’m pretty sure, everyone understands, right? Anyway, for sure the Share-A-Thrift Hunt Meme and my thrifting posts would be back soon..

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  1. It is nice to hear back from you and I am very sorry about your dad passing. It is one tough thing to have to go through in life. I wish you well and hope you will be okay soon. Grieving takes time and I think it is good to talk about it to lessen the pain. I am really sorry! We understand. Take care!

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