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The Mommy Journal: Letters To Your Child

It’s a few more weeks to Christmas already, and though where I am currently based, Christmas is really not that big of a celebration, I am still a Christian and I do celebrate Christmas even in small ways.

One of the things that makes Christmas really frenzied is gift shopping! So as early as October-November, I already do my fair share of browsing for nice gift ideas. Here’s one I found onĀ

The Mommy Journal: Letters To Your Child

I love this concept! As a mom, I know how it is when things get so hectic. You hardly have any time to take a breathe and something comes up. Moments simply slip by without us taking that much of a notice. Yet those moments are simply one-of-a-kind and deserving to be retold, to be savored and cherished. This small and handy journal would allow moms to keep records of those moments..

Definitely a wonderful keepsake and a thoughtful gift for any mom..

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