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The Crochet Affliction

Yup. I’m suffering from some strange affliction: crochet!!! It’s a mania for me and I find myself crocheting at all hours. I’m absolutely nuts about it.

And right now its pretty hard to distract me from it. In fact, blogging and digi scrap design took a back seat when I rediscovered this mad addiction. Not even urgent blog tasks can tear from from doing my crocheting.  Lol. To be honest, I’ve never been this hooked that whenever I go out, I’m always on the lookout for yarns.

But I do need to take a break. I’m particularly obsessing on making motifs and attaching them all together and make something unique. I might also be obsessed enough to eventually make my own patterns.

For now, here’s what’s keeping me crochet crazed..

Crocheted Motifs

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