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That Quirky Little Mug

I got this for $2 last time the Peluka sisters went home thrift shopping – see post here {Peluka Goes Home Thrift Shopping}. The Japanese surplus thrift shop has some really interesting crockery and if only I could haul a lot of goodies! The thing is I always set a personal budget limit whenever I go thrifting. I have to pick something that I really like and need and it has to be no more than $5.

So okay I’m catering to the mug obsessed me and bought two sets of unique mugs. I forgot to take a photo of the other one but anyway, here one that is an interesting find..

[singlepic id=70 w=350 h=400 mode=watermark float=center]

Totally quirky right?  I don’t want to use it actually and just have it on display, but the kiddo found it cute and has been using it for her milk. I think she’s growing up liking quirky stuff hahaha.

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