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That Polaroid Camera with A Retro Vibe

I’m totally drowning again. Lol! In browsing sites, that is. I had been meaning to do some research about best weight loss supplement for an article writing job, but how I got to be hopping on the latest polaroid camera’s I don’t know.

Sometimes, that’s how I am. I lack focus and allow myself to be taken in by those cutesy little ads that pops up in websites. Anyway, I don’t regret todays ‘deviation’ coz I found this…

I love this Polaroid 300 Classic Instant Camera! Modern but with a very retro vintage vibe. It takes business card sized instant photos.Available in blue, red and black for $89.98 @ Polaroid. There something about polaroids that’s so appealing to me. Old made modern appeal, I guess.  And besides, ain’t it fun to take instant photos that you don’t need to transfer to your HDD and print out?

Want it, want it!!! But the question is, polaroid film available here in Phnom Penh? I should ask around…

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  1. Yes! It’s  in my wishlist last year but unfortunately didn’t get it simply because there are no polaroid films available here. In some online stores, the films are included but only limited so if you run out of it, then that’s the end of your polaroid cam. I wanna try analog photography next time with a Diana Lomo or a Holga cam but don/t know if films can be had in PP, unless there are other analog photography afficionados in the city who can help you with stuffs 😛

  2. @missusdilis, korek! I want this badly when I saw ang cute, very handy but the problem is the film. i saw in some Korean movie also a ‘kawaii’ Fujifilm polaroid and i luv it but the problem din is the film. hayyy kanizzz..

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