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Teaching the Kiddo about the Value of Work

Kiddo has been mighty curious about a lot of things. Recently she has been asking me a lot of things about work. Why daddy works outside while mommy works at home. I can only thank God she does recognize that while I am usually at home she knows I am also working. I always set a ‘work time’, a chores time and playing bonding time with her.

Both hubby and I had been discussing about how we could raise her to be aware of the value of good work and being diligent. I don’t want to raise a spoiled brat and while for others this might seem harsh, I also think that too much cosseting would lead to our child being too dependent and weak. And how would they fare if we weren’t around anymore? They would not be forever dependent on us, so I want to raise our child to be independent.

There should be equal balance of caring/pampering at the same time there should be equal amounts of letting them discover, explore and learn the value of hard work. It starts with little things. Our daughter for example knows that little things she can do like tidying her clothes, her school stuff, her books is her duty.And while it took time for her to learn that, now I don’t need to worry about those things. She takes care of that.

Also, when it comes to material things, we have explained to her countless times, that these things don’t come out of the sky and fall into your lap. I think as parents, we should not give in to the pressures of society and give all luxury and unnecessary things to kids. I always believe that this would lead to them not being appreciative of how much effort it takes to earn money to buy those things. Its easy for them to get it, and I think they would probably be left dependent and unmotivated to work for it.

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When it comes to buying things for her, we always make a deal and a discussion. How important is it for her to have it? And if its that important then she must show she deserves to have it. Its the same as her working hard for it. And that would teach her to value everything more.

If we don’t do that, I feel like we are doing her a disservice and raising her to be unappreciative and a weakling. I’m not saying we should deprive them, but to give in with equal measures of making them understand the value of things.

When she is older, we’re also open to her doing part time work, as long as it won’t interfere with her studies.  If she wants to start her own business, I’m all for it too.

Hmm, this is getting long. Ha! But this is just something I really am passionate about. See, as parents its hard for us to see our kids not having everything, the latest, the prettiest. But ask yourself, are we really doing something good for them?  As I have mentioned we won’t be forever around, and even if I’m rich as sin, money can be lost too and what happens if she doesn’t have money? If I raise her to be too dependent and weak? What happens?

Loving a child doesn’t mean we should cosset and give in to them 100% of the time. For me, it means all the more instilling in them the value of being independent,  of knowing and being able to work and fend for themselves.  It’s one of the biggest challenge for us, parents and one where we strive and try to meet.


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