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Should Visit..

I’m a grown woman. I’m in my 30’s. Yet, I still fear the dentist’s clinic. If I could avoid visiting the dentist I would and if you’re selling dental insurance, I would probably avoid you like a plague too. But going there is inevitable. I know I keep trying to reason to myself that it’ll […]

Rambling On

Believing in Prayers

I’m still a bit melancholic but holding on. We’ve got no other choice but to go on and keep it together. The past few days have made me realize the power of prayers. Sometimes our prayers are not answered exactly the way we want it to be, but now I know there is always an […]

Health & Fitness Rambling On

Heat = Migraine

This is a ‘complaining’ post. Where else could I do this but on my blog? I think I’ve been kinda lax in my posting frequencies. No matter how much I want to update my blogs I just really don’t feel up to it.. I’d much rather think about myself first, relax and I know eventually […]

Mommy Stuff

Pamper Me Please

I want a nice long warm bath and a long soothing massage. I should really go visit a spa soon. It has been months since I gave myself this kind of pampering. I think this has been the longest for me to go without a massage, it has been three months! I’ve been skipping coz […]

Rambling On

Give a Gift to Self…

I always do. One should not forget oneself. Give yourself little rewards. For me, its a great motivator and like a little pat on the back for work well done. Last December I gifted myself with a few dresses and a purple bag. Now it’s almost my birthday again and I’ve been mulling over what […]