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Pamper Me Please

I want a nice long warm bath and a long soothing massage. I should really go visit a spa soon. It has been months since I gave myself this kind of pampering. I think this has been the longest for me to go without a massage, it has been three months! I’ve been skipping coz […]

Rambling On

Itching to Go: Travel Wishlist

I’m really in the mood to go somewhere. So, what brought this about? I had been looking flights for my sister who’s going on vacation in April and I was also looking ¬†vacation home rentals and it just made me lapse into wishful thinking. Where do I want to go? I think for the next […]

Rambling On

Well Deserved…

Hiatus! =) I was supposed to post this two weeks ago! My last post here was on June 28 and though I did have plans to still go on blogging while I’m enjoying my Pinas vacation, well the plan sort of flew out of the windows when I realized the internet connection here in my […]