Rambling On

Chocolate Dipped Jalapenos

Are you looking for some interesting gift ideas? I am. And found this. At least I would love to have this than say, a mug.. What did I find? Gourmet Chocolate Covered Jalapenos! “A unique combination for any taste buds. 1 or 2 Lbs Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Dipped Hand-Picked Fresh Peppers by Chocolate Covered Company.” […]

Shopping & Finds

Gift Ideas: Yummy Accessories!

You know how much I heart cute and unique stuff? I can’t help it, but I always drool over stuff like these! Lol. I’ve been hanging around Modcloth looking for some gift ideas when I came across their gift category called Foodie Marvels. Interesting right? And what do I find but these cutie goodness? Yummy […]