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Avocado Love

This is definitely one of my favorite fruits. So yeah, I’m one of those who eat avocados, not avoid them. A lot of people tend to avoid them because of its high calorie and ‘fat’ content. But let me qualify the word fat. Avocados contain the good fat and in fact, its one of the […]

Rambling On

Pregnancy Talk

This warning is rather late. For the past few posts, I’ve been blabbing about pregnancy and babies.  I realize though that some might not be keen on the topic so be forewarned. The next few months, or perhaps years, I’ll be talking a lot about being pregnant, babies and products/links/whatever else I find useful during […]

Rambling On

Pregnancy Update

Two months ago, I blogged that I was expecting. I’m now on my 17th week. And so far things has been going smoothly for us right now. I didn’t have a very serious bout of morning sickness and nausea. Thankfully. Last December though, on my 11th week, I had a really bad time throwing up. […]