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Kiddo’s Little Hotel Biz

I really had some LOL’s with this. Last weekend, the kiddo was playing ‘hotel’. She was pretending our house was a hotel and so on. She said this was inspired by the time management PC game – Hotel Dash. So ok, I went along and played with her. She assigned us each a role. Mom […]

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Random Talks with the Kiddo…

I just love having conversations with my little girl. Sometimes you get really funny and rare gems and quips from her. At bedtime, I usually have to stay with her coz she’s having a hard time sleeping without holding Mommy’s hand. We also usually play Jose Mari Chan’s A Perfect Christmas CD and she absolutely […]

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Huggable Ugly Dolls

These are just adorable! Plushies!!! This would make nice gifts for kids. All items I found in Check out this site. It’s like a wonderland for unique and affodable toys. Jeero Little Ugly [singlepic id=31 w=320 h=300 float=center] Big Toe Limited Edition (pink) [singlepic id=28 w=320 h=300 float=center] Big Toe Limited Edition (yellow) [singlepic […]