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Calm and Fresh

That’s what I thought when I saw this: Image via BHG I love browsing home interior sites. And Better Homes and Garden is one of my faves. You can subscribe to their newsletter for updates. Anyway, I love the color scheme above. I think I’d want to have that for my bedroom. It looks calm, […]

Rambling On

Marooned at Home..

Okay, don’t fret about the title. Marooned sounds like we were stranded (but we were, sort of..) at home. It just sounds so much nicer, and came to mind coz I’m listening to the latest Maroon 5 music. But I’m veering off topic. This is mainly about our weekend. There was a holiday last Friday […]

Home Hacks & Ideas

Organizing Blings

My sister just moved out of our house to her own apartment. She wanting to be independent and yup I’m fully supporting her decision. Anyway, with her gone, I freed up a lot of space in the house. So I worked out a frenzy to reorganize everything. The bookshelves, the closets etc.. And now I’ve […]

Rambling On

Going Home!

Only for a vacation again, but yes I am excited. The last time I went back home to the Philippines {May 2011} I didn’t really have a good time. In fact, it was one of the most painful episodes of my life. It was so hard to have an ailing parent, but I guess you […]

Online Shopping Shopping & Finds

Mugging Mugs…

Yeah I had been in my crazy online window surf shopping mood again. I was scouring shops for home decor ideas, kitchen gadgets and restaurant supplies. I’m not sure what I was looking for but I was simply itching to have a look at something home related. And this caught my fancy… Mara Stoneware Mugs […]