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Pamper Me Please

I want a nice long warm bath and a long soothing massage. I should really go visit a spa soon. It has been months since I gave myself this kind of pampering. I think this has been the longest for me to go without a massage, it has been three months! I’ve been skipping coz […]

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Random Talks with the Kiddo…

I just love having conversations with my little girl. Sometimes you get really funny and rare gems and quips from her. At bedtime, I usually have to stay with her coz she’s having a hard time sleeping without holding Mommy’s hand. We also usually play Jose Mari Chan’s A Perfect Christmas CD and she absolutely […]

Rambling On

Just a Lazy Sunday..

Uh oh, I had a couple of posts on draft for this blog but I totally forgot to post it. Whew! And now, its kinda stale already. Hmm, so much for trying to get rid of my procrastination habit. My excuse is well, I’m busy. Lol! Pretty lame, but then, if you are a mom […]