The Kitchen Corner

Cookies for The Kiddo

I did mention on my previous post that I was so inspired by the cute packaging a seller was selling at the Korean Gmarket that I made a mad dash to bake cookies. Lol! Kiddo and I bought just a butter cake mix and I just made the mixture a bit dry then added the […]

Rambling On

A Slice Of Cake

I know i said in my previous post that I’m now living healthy, but who can’t resist something as cute and yummy looking as this? Haha! This is just perfect for a dieting momma like me, at least I won’t gain an inch even if I decided to munch on this one.. More like an […]

Mommy Stuff

Just Doodles: Houses At Night

Here’s something the little one has been tweaking on the computer last time. She gets some computer time on the weekends and she loves playing games, Cake Mania and Burger Shop games to be exact and when she gets tired, she goes to do some paint splashing on MSPaint. Here’s her doodle of houses at […]