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Life with a Newborn…

Ain’t easy.  And there are no truer words. Life with a newborn is not a walk in the park. It’s been three months already since I gave birth. Time flies and I could only take the time to blog now. Everything took a backseat of course. That’s how the life of new parents are. So […]

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Gift Ideas: Necklaces for Mom

I was looking through RedEnvelope, its one of my favorite sites to browse for pretty gift ideas for everyone. I’m planning to go home for a short visit in May and my sister and I had been talking about giving Mom some jewelry as present for Mother’s Day. It’s easy enough to have one customized […]

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Time To Lose Baby Weight

I promised myself I won’t talk about losing weight for a week. You know, I wanna give myself a break from the pressures of trying to lose weight but while I was browsing Yahoo Shine, I was drawn to the featured article, 10 Signs It’s Time to Lose the Baby Weight by Ellen S of […]