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One of the things I’m very wary of buying expensively are swimwear. We don’t get to use it more than a few times a year so getting really pricey ones are no no for me. But of course I want some quality ones. Imagine imagine wearing a really cheap one and having it tear on you while you’re swimming. Hahaha! I think I’d much rather save people from seeing my not-so-sexy body. Not that I’m suffering from oxyelite pro side effects, but I simply have lots of cellulite so I wanna spare people the horror of looking at it.

So when it comes to swimwear I want buys that are of good quality and still affordable. Thankfully, Phnom Penh has some good choices when it comes to that. There’s two places I usually go to for this – Russian Market and a small shop along St. 271. Both sell factory over runs and the last time I went swimwear shopping, I got some Merona original swimwear for only $6 a pair. Not bad since these sell about $30 per pair online.

[singlepic id=77 w=350 h=400 mode=watermark float=center]


[singlepic id=78 w=350 h=400 mode=watermark float=center]

I might go again and check out what’s new on both stores and also I think I wanna buy some swimsuit cover ups too.

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  1. I like the black one. It sure looks a lot more rocking and vintage. You can never go wrong with it and it packs a punch on almost any time of the day.

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