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Sunday Stealing: Let Me Give Your Heart A Break

This week’s questions come from Cinematic Symphony.


Do you prefer a lot of ice in your drinks or just a little bit of ice?

Lots of ice. 

Which condiment (ketchup, mustard, etc.) do you use the most of?

Mixed mayonnaise and ketchup.
Does war scare you?

Of course.
Do you know any songs that are older than you are?

Oh yes. I think most songs I love are from years way ahead of my birth year.

Are you comfortable sharing drinks with your friends?  .

Yeah, no biggie. It’s quite fun sampling what drinks they are having.
What season were you born in?

Have you ever spent over $100.00 on an article of clothing? What was it?

Yes. Handbags. And I had a traditional Cambodian dress tailored and just the silk cost over $100. 
Do you think you’re too hard on yourself sometimes?

I often am. 
What pizza place do you usually order from?

Local pizza company here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Honestly, have you ever mooned or flashed somebody?

No. Hahahahaha. Maybe I should start thinking of doing this just once?
Do you have a least favorite color?

Too bright yellow. Fuschia pink.
Honestly, have you ever written something on a bathroom stall?

Honestly, no. Not my thing at all. 
Who do you consider to be the king of pop?

Michael Jackson. He was so original, and even if I’m not a huge fan, I recognize really how much talent he has and how bigger than life he is.
Do you know all of the words to any childrens song?

Yes, I’m a mom. And often that means singing lullabies and those lyrics get stuck in the head for all time. 
Can you name 3 purple foods?

purple yam, eggplant, grapes.
When was the last time you made a pinky promise?

Last week. Kiddo made me pinky promise her to buy her a nice little cup of oreo blizzard if she does well on her quiz.
What celebrity do you wish would have a big comeback?

To be honest, I have no idea.
Do you think your parents know things about you that you don’t want them to?

Probably yes. Since I became a parent myself, I understand now how powerful a parents intuition and perception can be towards their children.  
Have you ever walked into a spider web?

What grocery store do you usually get your food from?

Neighborhood grocery.
What would be your happily ever after?

Family all together. Everyone with good health and good tidings. 
When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people?

Hmm, long time ago. And I seriously can’t remember anymore.
Who is the worst driver you know?

Me. Hahahaha. Yeah.
How about the best driver?

My husband. He’s the calm and capable sort of driver. I can always rest easy when its him behind the wheel.

Are you shorter or taller than most of your friends?

Do you know anybody who was born on a holiday?

Oh yes. My brother was born on Christmas day. Something he frequently complains about. He gets a party and a present just once. 
What is one thing you really don’t like sharing?

My toothbrush. My laptop. My phone. 
Have you ever been hit on through text message?

Lol yes. 
What was the last junk food you ate?

Crab crackers from Thailand. It was so good. And I  of course turned a blind eye on the calorie information on the canister.
Do you prefer sweet or sour candy?

I don’t like candies but if I must, I like it a bit sour.
What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?

Beer Lao.
Currently waiting on something/someone?

yes. myself. to get over answering this meme and have lunch. Ha!
What was the last thing you watched on television?

Last night. I always watch late night news before going to bed.
How old will you be in 12 months?

my age now + 1. 
Do you sleep naked?

Nope. I don’t find it comfortable at all. I would have crazy thoughts running through my head of someone walking in the bedroom and finding me in all my naked glory. And that prevents me from relaxing. So I prefer wearing my decade old shirt. 
Have you ever held hands with someone in a car?

Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?

Yes. I don’t find anything particularly appealing about smoking a cigarette.
What do you say during awkward silences?

When will you next see the last person you texted?

Later this evening.
Honestly, when is the last time you have been to Texas?

Haven’t been to Texas..

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