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Stylish While Sweating it Out?

If you asked me that question maybe a year ago, I would definitely snort out loud. Not because I don’t like being stylish but because I don’t like working out. Period. Or so I thought.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of completing my gift list and I was thinking of giving someone a box of cigar so I was looking for cigars information, but then again I was sidetracked. How I ended up browsing for workout clothes, I don’t really know. Lol! But long ago I gave up dissecting the why’s and wherefores of my online browsing process.

Back to topic, a couple of months ago I started doing some light cardio and light weight exercises. The effect was really gradual and minimal but I still dodged on and persisted. Thank God I did, coz now I’m already used to it. I can’t seem to complete a day without doing a few minutes of weight lifts or jumping rope. I think, its all about getting used to it. I’m thinking of taking it a step further but I still don’t know what kind of exercise I will stick to. My choices would be cycling, running or going to a gym.

So I got really happy browsing on some workout stuff, and looking at these makes me more motivated.Here’s some I really like…

Heathered Chaturanga Pant – Athleta by Gap

heathered chaturanga pant

Reversible Flipside Pant – Athleta by Gap

Bra Cup Racerback Empire Tank – Athleta by Gap

Habanero Tank – Athleta by Gap

Margarita Fold-Over Tie Waist Short – wow! what an ab! Haha this one I wanna have and when I fit into it that’s when I know I am really successful in my fitness goal hahaha..

Margarita workout short

Margarita SomeWear Over The Rainbow Capri – this is cute!

Margarita Workout Capri

Anatomie Halter Tank and Capri

Anatomie Yoga/Workout Tank and Capri

Body Language Yoga Bra Top and Perfect Fit Pant – I wish I could order this together with that body.. lol! If only it was that easy.

Body Language Gray Yoga Outfit

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