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Soon…Gmarket Tutorials

Would you believe I haven’t done any thrifting and shopping here for the past few weeks? I guess my obsession with Gmarket is working well for me. Lol. I get to pick out and mull over items a hundred times before actually hitting the ‘Pay Now’ button. That’s not to say my ‘shopping cart’ is not brimming with goodies and my wishlist filled to the hilt. I find lots of amazingly cute and unique goodies over there.

And after my first haul, I have friends, some readers and a lot of relatives asking me about how to shop at Gmarket. Instead of answering those questions one by one, I figured its better to put up a series of posts on how to do your shopping in Gmarket.

At first glance, the site is confusing and you’d be at a loss. Don’t be afraid though, with a little help from any translation tool and loads of patience, you’ll find yourself maybe as crazy as me about this site. I have decided on taking on this motto when it comes to shopping at Gmarket: ‘No Pain. No Gain.’ Hahaha..

I’m now working on screenshots for the Gmarket Tutorial and will be posting it asap.

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